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Revisiting Speculative Hyperinflations in Monetary Models: A Rejoinder

New Principles For Stabilization Policy

  • Matlab program to create Figures 1-4 and check Appendices A.1-A.2: NPSP_Figs.m
  • Matlab program to create Figures 1-10 and check Appendices A.2-A.3 in the longer version (CREST Working Paper No. 2022-16): NPSP_WP_Figs.m

A Model of Post-2008 Monetary Policy

Stabilization Policy and Lags

  • Mathematica program to establish some results in the Online Appendix: LAG_App.nb

Pegging the Interest Rate on Bank Reserves: A Resolution of New Keynesian Puzzles and Paradoxes

The Implementation of Stabilization Policy