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12-hour undergraduate-level course taught in French at ENSAE Paris

This course proposes a brief introduction to financial economics. It describes the main features of the financial system and seeks to explain them: financial structure, bond market, stock market, foreign exchange market, financial crises, financial regulation.

General Introduction

Chapter 1: Financial System

Part I: Bond Market
Chapter 2: Measure of interest rates
Chapter 3: Variations of interest rates
Chapter 4: Structure of interest rates

Part II: Stock and Foreign-Exchange Markets
Chapter 5: Stock market
Chapter 6: Foreign-exchange market
Chapter 7: International financial system

Part III: Financial Institutions
Chapter 8: Financial structure
Chapter 9: Financial crises
Chapter 10: Financial regulation

General Conclusion

Main references
Mishkin, F.S., 2016, “Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets,” eleventh edition, Pearson
Mishkin, F.S., Bordes, C., Lacoue-Labarthe, D., Leboisne, N., and Poutineau, J.-C., 2013, “Monnaie, banque et marchés financiers,” tenth edition, Pearson

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